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Mobile Development

LogicalTech, we believe mobile app development is not just about lines of code. We collaborate with our clients from the abstract stage to implementation of an idea - through strategy, design and development.

Apple’s iOS is known as the most profitable platform for mobile app developers. Google’s Android is the mobile operating system powering the majority of smartphones and tablets, worldwide and we work to provide our clients an end to end mobile app solutions !

Our expertise spans mobile app development for iOS, Android and Node JS.

Android Development

Currently the Android platform serves one billion users, which is more than any other mobile operating system. We develop on all major manufacturer devices, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, and more. The open platform is available on 4,000 unique device models from over 400 manufacturers. If you are developing on Android, you can expect to reach a diverse set of consumers, professionals, gamers, students, and more.

CyberVision is and application development company, and our developers possess years of experience with Java, the programming language used to create We specialize in building highly scalable apps for diverse verticals and industries. The apps developed by us are packed with brilliant features, helping us provide innovative mobile solutions that deliver high returns on investment. We use the best practices and proven methodologies, and thorough testing for bug-free mobile applications

iOS Development

Apple produces the single most popular smartphone and tablet lines: the iPhone and iPad. Accordingly, apps for the iOS platform bring in large amounts of revenue.

The iOS App Store has over 1 million apps, all trying to attract consumer attention. We make sure your iPhone mobile app is designed the right way to do so. CyberVision International an experienced iPhone app development company, we provide customized solutions that help you achieve your business goals. We have a dedicated team of highly innovative iPhone application developers and mobile app designers who are light years ahead of using the latest technologies and trends prevailing in iPhone app development industry.

Node.JS Development

If you require a real-time website which performs lively by including chat options, or a frequent change in data which is to be written, and accessed very quickly, Node.js will serve as the finest option. An app or a website that handles several client applications and wants to avoid RAM boundaries can developed with the use of Node.JS.

Node.JS is an event-driven, server-side JavaScript runtime environment to make highly scalable and real-time apps. This technology is one of the most potent solutions of development to-date that works on vertical slits and offers code reuse facilities. We have been successfully using event-driven and non-blocking model in Node.JS to develop apps. Our Node.JS developers make sure that clients benefit from app performance, speed and scalability.